CMS User Interface

This is the WordPress interface that a website owner would use to add or change text and images. (The Joomla interface looks very similar.) As you can see, it’s almost identical to most word processors. You don’t need to know anything about HTML, JavaScript, PHP or mySQL databases. You just type!

Formatting such as bold, italic or underscore is as easy as clicking the appropriate symbol at the top of the screen. Alignment, indenting and bulleted or numbered lists are equally as simple. You can even insert photos, videos or links to other websites using just this editor.

You can work on a new or updated page as time permits. When you’re satisfied with it, just hit ‘publish’ and it will immediately be visible on your site. It’s also very easy to schedule in advance a date and time for the page to automatically be published (or expire).

Of course, all these capabilities are under strong password control. Your website is secure and protected.