Content Is Still King!

Informative, well-written content drives success on the worldwide web and is the basic ingredient of every good website. But getting your message to stand out from the clutter is not easy! Communicating effectively on the web is unlike traditional print, video or even the spoken word — although it borrows elements from each.

One mistake website owners often make is to simply copy and paste marketing content from their print brochures and pamphlets onto the website. But to be effective, writing for the web must be different than writing for print. The way people use the web is different, and the writing needs to reflect that. Visitors don’t read web pages word for word. They skim the content to get a quick impression of what the page is generally about. Readers scan for bits of content that interests them and ignore the rest.

Getting Your Message Out

Search Engine Optimization is a technique used in web publishing to increase webpage visibility and traffic, which results in a higher ranking in search engines, and more readers. Writing an article for Search Engine Optimization requires good writing skills in order to make the article interesting and pleasant to read, strategically placing key phrases or keywords in the text, and the inclusion of hyperlinks that will boost the readership of your page.

This quote from a WikiHow article helps explain what writing for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is — but how is it actually accomplished?

While search engine-optimized content is important to being found and pointing visitors to your website, you will quickly lose them if the writing is too obviously geared towards search engines instead of people. When writing for a keyword phrase, the phrase should be used enough so that it’s recognized by web crawlers as the topic, but not used so much that your readers notice. To do that requires experience, and a bit of finesse.

Should you decide to write your own website content, there are a many excellent articles around the web explaining virtually every aspect. But if you feel that website copywriting may not be one of your strengths (or that it’s just not the best use of your time) please read on.

Content Creation Options

Unfortunately, content writing is the number one cause of delay in launching a new website. Many prospective website owners don’t realize that writing website content is a separate task from creating the website. Fortunately, Garnet Web Design offers several practical and affordable solutions.

  • If you have existing brochures, literature or other marketing material, your text and graphics can be honed into a format best suited for the web.
  • If you’ve got little or nothing on paper but have some thoughts on what you’d like to tell the world about your company, I can help get those ideas out of your file drawers and your imagination and onto the website.
  • If you’ve been more occupied with running your business than with thinking about words and pictures that describe what you do, I can start from scratch and create that description, including photographs and other graphics … with your guidance, of course.

Garnet Web Design can create as much or as little original website content as your situation requires.