It's About You

Well-balanced, effective web design is my core competency, and I believe it is best done in close collaboration with the client. I make every effort to incorporate your preferences, business approach and unique signature into the design. But I recognize that clients often need a little help translating those concepts into a functional business tool. That’s another way I add value.

Design Philosophy
  • Content that conveys benefits, appropriate for the target audience
  • Concise and logically organized information
  • Focus on a limited number of clear, compelling messages
  • Simple and intuitive website navigation
  • Graphics that emphasize key points — not distract from them
  • Compliance with web standards using industry best practices
  • Clean, unique and attractive overall look and feel
  • Accurately reflects your company’s image and core values
Technology Resources

Although Garnet Design Group emphasizes simplicity and business value over complexity without a compelling reason, I am nonetheless competent in a wide range of web design platforms, methods and development tools. For those who may be interested, here are the major tools and technologies I use to develop, test and maintain client websites:

  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Fireworks
  • Corel Draw and Corel PhotoPaint
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Joomla! Content Management System
  • JavaScript and PHP programming
  • mySQL Relational Database
Value Pricing

Prices for Garnet Web Design website services are very competitive, insuring that clients receive superior value in addition to quality work.

My fees are significantly below industry averages for website design and maintenance. My work, however, has consistently proven on par with firms in large offices and offering an array of non web-related services — even winning the occasional award.

Simply stated, I’m able to keep my overhead expenses low and pass those savings on to my website clients.

Note also that all Garnet Web Design websites include services for which most companies charge extra, such as integration of your social media pages and optimizing website content for target search phrases.


All new Garnet Web Design websites are built using a technique called responsive design. Responsive design allows the site to automatically adjust for optimal viewing when displayed on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.